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Ward/Kraft Announces Expansion of Plastics Division

Due to recent sales growth Plastics requires additional square footage

Ward/Kraft, Inc. is pleased to announce a 12,000 square foot building expansion to their WK Plastics division. The recent increased sales growth has resulted in the division’s need to add extra space and equipment to keep up with the growing production demands.


Ward/Kraft Plastics was started in 2012 after management decided to aggressively pursue more composite layered plastic business. Because of this decision, Ward/Kraft Plastics has more than double its sales in the last seven years. Their top products include Plastic Mailers, Plastic Cards, also known as CR80’s and Plastic Card and Key Tags. These products are used in many different markets including Retailers, Education/Fundraising, Restaurants, Insurance, Automotive, and Associations.


General Manager, Wayne Racy attributes the division’s growth to several different things. “We look at each job individually and see what we can do to help the product run more efficiently, try to understand the customer needs and build solutions specific to their expectations.” Office Manager, Melinda Barnett adds, “We have so many trusted reseller partners, and we have developed sincere relationships with them. As a result of those partnerships, Ward/Kraft has been able to take on big orders and more complicated ones too”.


Ward/Kraft is excited to see the continued growth of their Plastics division and is proud of the hard work of its members. Our President of Manufacturing, Phil Quick says, “ The Plastics team is a very dedicated group. They are committed to providing the best customer service and quality in the industry. At the rate they are growing we will double in size again in the next five years. “


Ward/Kraft is a nationally known leader in the print industry with over 45 years of experience. Our top products include: Pressure Seal, Medical I.D. Wristbands, Integrated Form & Label combinations including Uni-web and Joined Web, Shipping Label/Packing Slips such as DuplexPackSlip® & KnockOut™ Label, Form & Card combinations including RealCard® & EliteCard™, Plastic Mailers, Plastic Cards and UL/Industrial/Durable Labels.


If you would like more information about this topic, please call Rachel French at 800.821.4021 ext. 4296, or email rrfrench@wardkraft.com