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If your software package is not listed, please call before sending your file. When using files created in a drawing program, please convert all type to outlines, curves, or paths (send all fonts in any case). Please note that Microsoft files are not useable (ex. Word, Excel, Powerpoint). Printed items such as samples and faxes will not be accepted as artwork.

Macintosh Software: PC Software:
  • Adobe InDesign vCS6
  • Adobe Illustrator vCS6
  • Adobe Photoshop vCS6
  • Adobe Pagemaker v7.0
  • QuarkKPress v8
  • Macromedia Freehand vMX
  • Same as Macintosh
  • PC typefaces/fonts are not available on the Mac system.


We accept files saved on the following media:

Fonts & Graphics Required

Include ALL screen and printer fonts (suitcase and Postscript fonts) or convert type to outlines. Include ALL placed files, i.e.: EPS files and their originals, TIFs, and Photoshop documents. Scanned images, line art and type, even if they are in color, must be scanned at highest resolution.

Process Printing and Color Match Issues

The following must be supplied with a purchase order as well as a disk or electronic files via e-mail; or camera ready art. We request all files to come with laser printouts. On customer supplied electronic files, we will print color separation and trapping to film, in-house.

*Note: variations in final printed color may appear. If color match is a critical requirement, a sample must be sent by mail. If a color sample is not available, we have two options:

  1. We can supply a high resolution color print from your file printed to our high quality color printers. Call customer service for price details.
  2. We can supply a printed press proof at a charge based on the number of colors and division of Ward/Kraft your order is being produced. Call Customer Service for your questions. Upon approval of the press proof, the artwork and plate charges would be applied to the order.

Once you have read through this document, please visit our upload artwork page to upload your files to our server.

If you are emailing your files, please check that your attachment encoding is set to MIME. E-mail your artwork referencing your Distributorship name, quote # (if any), purchase order # and telephone number in the subject line to:

composition@wardkraft.com - WK Forms
labelscomp@wardkraft.com - WK Labels / Specialty Coatings
marketing@wardkraft.com - WK Marketing
wkplasticscomp@wardkraft.com - WK Plastics


Helpful Reminders

1. If you know that the job is going to be more than one color, convert all colors to Pantone or other color system spot colors before sending us the file. We suggest laser printing your color separations to ensure that the colors are on the correct plate.
2. Whenever possible, convert text to paths to avoid font issues. Always send the fonts in any case.
3. If you have any concerns about the information contained here, please call and ask to speak to our composition or preflighter.

Duplicate Files

Although we take great care to protect your data, mechanical failures and transport could conceivably damage your files.
Always give us a copy. Never give us your irreplaceable, original files.


Supply laser printouts that match the supplied electronic files.
Proofs must be provided at 100%
Supply composite printouts with color clearly marked, or print one page for each color (separations option turned on).

Hairline Rules

Hairline width rules cause issues in desktop publishing applications and output devices; they have no true definition of size. To avoid these issues, make all rule lines .2 points or higher.


Media Output Request

Media Output Request forms must be fully completed and presented with your electronic files. Include all fonts used in layouts. Black and white files require composite laser proofs at 100%. If your job is PMS match, you are required to provide color composites with black and white laser separations. The Distributor assumes responsibility for files that do not output correctly due to errors or omissions in specifications. If you have any questions concerning the below information, or if you have any challenges setting up your files, please do not hesitate to call. We will be happy to help! Please ask for composition or preflight department.

You may download a copy of our Media Output Request form in PDF format here.